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What not to sell at moo La La



Moo La La Boutique will accept pretty much anything pertaining to babies, kids or maternity in excellent condition! We will thoroughly inspect all items during drop-off and unacceptable items will be sent home with the consignor. If we ask that you take back some of your items because of a missed blemish, please do not be offended. This is only to maintain the highest level of quality for our sale and we reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel may not sell.  Think QUALITY not quantity. 


  • Consignors are limited to selling a total of 250 items

  • Consignors may only bring a total of 50 items per gender for clothing under 12 months.

  • Consignors are limited to 5 of your VERY BEST maternity items.



Items Not Accepted

Let’s talk clothes! First off, bring your best and donate the rest. If an item is stained or faded Moo La La will not accept it. We want the racks to be full of like-new product! Faded and stained items DO NOT SELL and waste YOUR time and resources (hangers, paper, ink, etc) preparing them for our event. 

New inspection procedures will be used this sale to thoroughly check for stains after items are dropped off. Stains don’t sell, take up space on our sales floor, increase the work load, and hurt our sales reputation which impacts each consignor. So do your part and check thoroughly for stains before you bring them to our sale. Natural light by a window is best.

Unfortunately we will not accept the following items for our sale:

Clothing that meets any of the following-

  • Out of Date Clothing- nothing over five years old, 3 years for maternity

  • Clothing which has stains, are soiled, faded, worn, have unpleasant odors, holes, tears, missing buttons or snaps or have broken zippers

  • Adult Clothing (including S, M, L, etc)  and Shoes (size 8+)

  • Junior Clothing (size 0,1,3,5 etc) and Shoes (size 8+)

  • Socks or Tights unless new in packaging

  • Underwear and Bras unless new with tags/packaging

  • Nursing Bras unless new with tags



  • Disposable diapers or swim diapers that are NOT factory sealed

  • Food, toiletries or medication (diaper ointment, formula, etc.)

  • Reusable Nursing Pads (unless sealed in factory packaging)

  • Used Pacifiers (must be new in factory sealed package)

  • Breast pumps labeled for single user,  single patient, or open system (popular models Medela Pump in Style, Avent Isis Breast Pump, etc).  According to the FDA, if a breastpump is labeled a “single user” or “single patient”  or "open system" device, that pump is only intended for one user and cannot legally be resold. Please contact us if you have trouble finding if your pump is single or multi user. Click Here for more information on determining whether your pump is an Open or Closed system.

  • Infant Bath Tubs (CPSC Standard) BUT Bath Seats are Accepted

Furniture & Decor

  • Cribs that do not comply with new CPSC Guidelines (manufactured after June 28, 2011 or they must have a certificate of compliance from manufacturer) 

  • Handmade furniture

  • Outdated furniture or furniture that is unsafe

  • Outdated decor or decor that does not pertain to infant or children

  • Party Decorations-plates, napkins, cups, favors, balloons, pinatas, etc.



  • Car Seats which have been in an accident or are more than four years old (please check the manufacture date on the sticker at the bottom of the seat) unless they specifically have an expiration date labeled on the seat and it is greater than 2 years away from date you drop the seat off at the event. Click Here for a list of NHTSA recalled seats. Please be sure to check CPSC website also.

  • Consignors must be the original owner of all carseats they intend to sell to ensure that they were not in any accidents

  • Accordion Style Baby Gates

  • Rock n Plays due to a recent recall. Please contact the manufacturer and discontinue use immediately.

  • Bumbo Seats without safety strap

  • 4Moms Mamaroo and Rockaroo models 1.0-4.0 without recall fix strap (CPSC recall/remedy)



  • Hand Painted Toys (due to the potential for lead-based paint)

  • Stuffed Animals (unless they have an electronic function- sing, dance, etc)

  • Books with writing in them (name on inside cover is OK)

  • Toys that are Damaged or have Loose or Missing Pieces

  • Happy Meal Toys/Books

  • Bags of Miscellaneous Toys (No random toy pieces thrown into a bag- bagged items must be all related)

  • Out of Date or Recalled Children’s Products and Toys (

As parents ourselves, our #1 concern is the safety and security of our participants. It is the CONSIGNOR’S RESPONSIBILITY, as seller/owner of the items, to ensure their items meet the required safety standards. Upon registration, each consignor will be required to sign a waiver accepting the liability of the items they bring, stating they have ensured that none of their items are recalled and all meet safety standards.

Please use the following resources to make sure that your item has not been recalled or is deemed unsafe for children:

  1. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Searchable Recall list A searchable listing of ALL recalled products. (Choose the appropriate item category and click “Find”)

  2. CPSC’s Dangerous and Recalled Products Reference Guide Safety standards for CRIBS, PLAYPENS, PACK-N-PLAYS, CAR SEATS, BATH SEATS, BABY WALKERS, BABY GATES, MATTRESSES, TOYS and BUNK BEDS.

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