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  • Sale Set Up & Break Down
    -Donation Crew Helpers- For those who cannot assist during our event, we offer limited gift card and sale supply opportunities that help keep Moo running each event. These shifts are limited to ONE donation shift per consignor. -Hubby Helper- Send your man to lend a hand! These guys empty out our trailer and move our sale fixtures into the building. Set up racks, hang banners, get the sale floor ready for all of your amazing sale items. -Cleaning Crew- Help the sale sparkle by tidying up the space. We all pitch in to sweep, dust, wipe, vac, clean windows and make the place shine. -Hubby Helper Breakdown Crew- get those racks disassembled and back into the trailer so we can get some sleep ; )
  • Donation Shift
    Moo La La offers a handful of donation shifts where consignors can provide items in lieu of the time worked at the sale. These shifts are intended for the mamas that have no child care or work long hours and physically can't be on site for our event. We understand life is busy and we want to provide opportunities for the busy mamas out there. Items that you can sign up to donate- toilet paper, bottled water for workers, snacks to feed the Moo Crew. These shifts are first come first served and go fast.
  • Drop Off
    -Check In Crew- this fast paced job is crucial to a quality sale! Double check that items consignors bring to the sale meet Moo La La standards and get the merchandise out on the floor and organized. -Merchandiser/Organizer- making the sale pretty! We want to wow our shoppers with the organization and ease of shopping at the event. Merchandisers take the time to straighten up the sales floor to make it look beautiful.
  • Sale Days
    -Registers/Cashiers- this can be one wild shift depending on the crowds. Fast paced and fun, you assist the shoppers as they check out. Accuracy and a friendly smile is a must. -Sales Floor- there are many jobs that can be done on the sales floor to assist getting your items sold! Keeping the sale tidy, assisting shoppers with questions, helping out in the hold area, retrieving claim ticketed items, just to name a few!
  • Sort & Pick Up
    -Sort- This Saturday night shift will start the process of breaking down the sale. Getting the donated items packaged up for the charitable organizations and getting consignors items organized so they can pick up their unsold merchandise. We organize all remaining unsold inventory according to consignor number to get it back into the owners hands. Accuracy is key to getting things back to where they belong! -Pick Up- Assist fellow consignors in retrieving their unsold items!
  • Mamas With Infants
    Hey Mama! You have a wee one that can be carried in an infant carrier while you work? We are happy to have you! Any shift during drop off, organizing, sales floor or sort will accommodate you. NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED AT THE SALE DURING MOO CREW SHIFTS UNLESS THEY ARE BEING WORN. Unfortunately we will have to ask you to leave if you bring a child along- our sale relies on the workers to dedicate their attention and efforts into their tasks while they are on site.
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