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Join the Moo Crew

Moo La La has always told the consignors- this is YOUR sale! We provide the service to organize the event, advertise for shoppers, and sell your items but rely on the consignors to assist us in the selling of their items. Consignors have the option to put more time into maintaining the sale in order to buy down the commission they pay to Moo La La Boutique. Sale splits start at 60/40 (consignors pay 40% commission to Moo La La) but commission decreases depending on the amount of time you put into helping sell your items. Moo Crew workers must be registered consignors in order to participate.

How to sign up for Moo Crew

MOO CREW Shifts will be available on August 20th @6pm!

  1. Login to your consignor homepage (top right corner of the website)

  2. Click on Moo Crew Shifts to view shifts.

  3. Choose shifts that work best for your schedule and your work abilities.  Time is money, and the more you work the more you take home- we want you to maximize your profit! 

  4. Show up ready to help! We will instruct you on your duties of inspecting items, merchandising, organizing, or cashiering.

  • Keep 75% of sales and shop at 12pm Tuesday 9/26  when you work 3 four hour shifts 

  • Keep 70% of sales and shop at 1pm Tuesday 9/26 when you work 2 four hour shifts 

  • Keep 65% of sales and shop at 2pm Tuesday 9/26 when you work 1 four hour shift 

  • Consignors that are unable to work at the sale shop at 4pm Tuesday 9/26 and earn 60% of their sales

Some shifts are longer than 4 hours and will count as 2 or more shifts. Please refer to the POINTS on the Work Shift Availability- 1 point = 1 shift credit, 2 points = 2 shift credits, 3 points = 3 shift credits

** NEW FOR SPRING 2023 and beyond- NO CHILDREN  WILL BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND DURING TUESDAY 9/26 MOO CREW & CONSIGNOR PRESALE. (Infants under 1 year in a stroller or carrier are o.k.)

Consignors/Moo Crew Workers will receive ONE guest pass for the 4pm Consignor Pre Sale to give to a friend or spouse. 

There are many perks to helping! In addition to paying less commission to the event, Moo La La offers early entry to the Moo Crew Presale on Tuesday. We love working alongside of all of our Crew and try to make this experience as simple and fun as possible. Many mamas love this opportunity to get out of the house for a few hours and have some “grown up” time. So come meet new friends and become part of our Moo Crew Community.

You are only allowed 1 donation shift per consignor/household. Moo La La will remove you from one of the shifts if you sign up for more than 1.

You may not bring children under age 16 with you to work unless they are an infant that will be worn in a carrier through the shift. Worker must be 16 years or older to receive shift credit.

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