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About Us

Meet the Moo La La Team! Carrie & Matt and Amy & Tom  own and operate Moo La La Boutique.

This friendship that started decades ago, is a great compliment to the Moo La La experience. This entertaining crowd surely makes each event a lot more fun and adventurous. So, come work alongside us and enjoy many laughs.

We (Carrie and Amy) have been friends since high school, our husbands have been friends since kinder! We have grown up together, attended each others weddings, gone through pregnancies together and now have the blessed opportunity to work together. We both finished our degrees, but when our kids made their debut, we traded in our careers for stay at home motherhood since our husbands had grueling schedules. We established Moo La La in 2011 when we needed a way to make a little income for our families and had superfluous amounts of children’s items that our kids were growing out of. Fast forward a few years, and here we are! Humbled and blessed by the Moo La La community that we have come to love and work hard for. Amy is known for running her tail off at our sales, I (Carrie) am known for running my mouth… just sayin’. So come say HI! We want to know you and your faces!

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Our vision

Moo La La started as an upscale children’s consignment event- providing families in our community a means to sell their quality, outgrown gear, and shoppers a way to save moolah outfitting their children. That is still our hearts today! We love, love, love serving families and knowing that we are providing a quality “product” for them. So why take all this time to write and explain this to you? So you know who we are and our hearts behind Moo La La. So that you can embrace the same desire to provide quality products at great prices to our shoppers. We want to maintain a standard of quality and continue to cling to our original vision of what Moo La La is about, community.

Need to chat with us? Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are happy to help!

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