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Item Drop Off

BRING A LABELED BIN TO LEAVE AT DROP OFF! Your bin needs to be labeled with your consignor number bold, large and neatly written on the front and back.

 DO NOT BRING A LID. We will use the bin to give your items back at pick up. 
If you are bringing the max amount of items, you may want to bring 2 labeled bins.
If you are donating all unsold items, no need to bring a bin.



DROP OFF APPOINTMENTS WILL BE OPEN SUNDAY 2/4 AT 6PM!  All consignors must create a drop off appointment using our online system. Check in will take approximately 30 minutes. Allow for more time if you have 200+ items. Drop off days are Saturday, March 2nd 4pm-9pm and Sunday, March 3rd 10am-8pm ONLY. No late drop offs after this time will be allowed. Please plan accordingly. Doors will lock at 8pm. Any items not dropped off will not be accepted.

Closer to the start of the sale, we will send an email with instructions on how to reschedule IF a later appointment is available. There is no guarantee that a later appointment will be available. Once the drop off appointment times end, we do NOT accept any more items. No exceptions.

Come prepared:

  • Clothing placed in size order and separated by gender

  • Fresh batteries in toys/equipment

  • All items CLEAN and FREE OF STAINS- clothing and equipment

  • Equipment will need to be assembled prior to inspection

  1. CHECK IN– Arrive on time and check in with a Moo La La Team Member. Receive presale passes and pick up instructions. We will not accept any consignors that are late to their appointment OR walk ins.  

  2. CLOTHES STATION– Use a rolling rack to move all of your hung items to the sales floor. Place all clothing in the correct sizes (they won’t sell if they are placed in the wrong location). Return rolling rack when you are finished.  ALL CLOTHING WILL BE THOROUGHLY INSPECTED FOR STAINS and returned to you at the end of the event if found to be stained, faded or excessively worn.

  3. STATIONS– Stop by the specific stations to have your items inspected. Wait for the Moo Crew Worker to hand any items back that don’t meet our quality standards.

  4. DROP YOUR BIN OFF- leave your labeled bin in the designated location so that we can sort your unsold items back to you at the end of the event.


Feel free to drop at the stations in any order that works for you (ex: skip over a line to an empty drop station). Have your items organized according to these drop zones to help your appointment move smoothly:

  • LAYETTE- feeding, diapering, potty, sleeping, bathing, etc


  • DECOR & FURNITURE- bedding, lamps, wall art, rugs, cribs, beds, dressers, desks, etc


  • ACCESSORIES- hats, hair accessories, back packs, purses, lunch boxes

  • TOYS- separated into boys, girls, infant/toddler

  • BOOKS/DVD’s- leave DVD’s untaped until inspected, large toys will have a large item claim ticket placed on it once inspected. Moo La La provides the large item claim tickets.



Assemble any equipment, furniture or toys if needed. Large items will have a Claim Ticket placed on them (pink perforated tag for the shoppers). Moo La La provides the large item claim tickets.


Stains don’t sell, take up space on our sales floor, increase the work load, and hurt our sales reputation which impacts each consignor. Do your part and check thoroughly for stains before you bring them to our sale. Natural light by a window is best. Consignors that bring 5+ items with stains will be flagged in our online system, receive a warning letter, and potentially prevented from participating in future sales. Items will be returned to consignors at the end of the sale.


If you are late for your appointment by more than 10 minutes or miss your appointment, you must contact us to reschedule IF an alternate appointment is available.  Our drop off days are extremely busy and we need to honor the consignors drop off appointments that arrive at their designated time.

We will email all of our consignors closer to the sale with a number to text IF an emergency arises and they must reschedule. We will attempt to accommodate IF a later appointment is available.

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